Saturday - Short Story by Stephane Jo Harris


William was just getting ready for bed when he heard banging on the door to his tiny one room apartment. It was a frantic knock. When he glanced out of the window, he saw Angel, the lady of the night he had recently encountered, standing there trembling. William opened the door. She fell inside, crying;…

Monday - Stephane Jo Harris - Short Story


William was just sitting down to eat. He had developed a habit of frequenting a local diner for most of his meals. It was small and comfortable, several booths along one wall with a handful of tables in the center. The little TV over the counter was alive with the arrest of Jeffery Dahmer. A…

Tuesday - Stephanie Jo Harris - Short Story


William was leaving the bar. He had spent the better part of the evening enjoying a few drinks and some casual conversation with a couple of ladies that were not interested in anything other than conversation. All in all, it had been a pleasant night.