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Lieutenant Joe Kenda is a respected and enthralling retired homicide detective who is finishing up years of hosting a fantastic show on ID. I always found him to be incredible, both as a law enforcement officer and as a story teller. He has a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach that is accented by his emotional investment in his calling. He is, without question, a modern day super hero.

When I considered all of the accolades and success surrounding the good Lieutenant, I was disturbed to find that although he has been celebrated, I can find nothing about his hair. Nothing. That silver mane, parted just so, only changing slightly from season to season; how is it that no one has taken the time to acknowledge those glorious locks? Kenda is a highly intelligent individual who catches killers, why have we neglected his hair? Certainly, that is important when we are discussing homicide.

I first became aware of this travesty when looking for a picture of Candice Delong, and I was looking for her picture, because I was hoping to get the same cut.

Ms. Delong is another ID super hero I greatly respect. I have always been a fan. She is remarkable. A very intelligent and steady individual, protecting society and teaching all of us a new way to think. Ms. Delong presents herself in a way I deeply admire. There is a delicate line she has mastered, and I am consistently impressed with her interview skills.

While searching for my new look, I noticed there are a lot of sites that discuss Candice’s hair! Not only that, but her eyes, (which happen to be striking) her skin, the lines around her eyes; the various hair styles she has rocked over the years; I was really surprised at the available information and the endless opinions offered on her look. I thought, how horrible that no one has extended Lieutenant Kenda the same courtesy. His hair deserves more.

I mean, it is clear that both of the incredible investigators we get a chance to follow have captured, assisted in the capture, and otherwise devoted their lives to the apprehension of dangerous individuals. They are both worthy of our reverence, putting their own lives and families in the background while embracing the calling that keeps us safe.

Apologies to you Kenda, I hope you are not overly offended by this slight.

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